Lifestyle Taiwan

First Buxiban-themed Buxiban opens in Lingya District

Just six weeks after arriving in Taiwan, recent college graduate and Marine Communications major Carole Littleman welcomed the first class of students at the newly-opened “Boo! Xiban”, an after-school program to help children ages 5-12 start their own buxibans. “I’m not really sure what I’m doing here, but the curriculum is solid.” The conveniently-located cram […]

Taiwan Technology

23&Me Results Changes Teacher’s Life

All of her life, she embraced her Hawaiian heritage. She plays ukulele, can string a lei with her eyes closed, and regularly teaches her students how to dance the hula. But recent results from the popular DNA website 23&Me have taken this 2nd grade teacher’s life in a new direction. She vividly recalls opening the […]

International Taiwan

Local Expat wants to know “Where to find Stuff?”

Area expatriate Shawn Coates has expressed his frustration to his fellow Facebook users in the popular forum, Kaohsiung Q&A. “Dude, does anyone know where to find, like, cucumbers?” This marks the 17th such request made by Mr. Coates in the past 30 days. Previous inquiries include surfboards, milk, vintage tube socks, tea, scooter repair shops, […]

International Taiwan

Target Chooses Site for First Taiwan Location

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN – Target Corporation today announced plans to expand with 3 new international stores, including its first location in Taiwan. The small-format stores, similar to those in New York City and Los Angeles, will offer Taiwanese shoppers access to Western brands and help establish the retail chain’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region. At […]